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Paul Fleischack

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Short Bio:Paul is an aspiring writer. He is looking to expand his writing abilities and build an audience of interested readers.

Personal Info

I currently live in rural South Africa in Balgowan, which boasts a post office, Michaelhouse (an ‘Ivy League’ boy’s boarding school) and green farmland. I am married with two adult children.


Anything outdoors, camping, hiking, mountain biking, birding, just being in the African bush. A marine biologist in a previous life, I still love snorkeling, in tropical water. Travelling rather than touring and engaging with foreign people and cultures energises me. I enjoy touring with my wife on our motorcycle and rescuing used timber for woodwork, particularly turning bowls fills in the infrequent spaces in my time.

Personal Callouts

African at heart, Biologist and teacher by training, I am an Environmentalist doing my best to tread gently on the earth. I have lived all my life in South Africa with brief forays to my wife’s Scottish roots, Europe, Southern Africa, South Korea and New Jersey. I abhor cruelty in any form and thrive on seeing young people find a connection with the wilderness.

Writing Background

I am a mature entry into the world of writing. As a scientist I have written many formal and structured papers, articles and reports. The surprise of a successful entry in a local competition has brought the joy of ‘free range’ writing into my life. I look forward to many hours of non-fiction word-smithing.

My Likes

Travel, adventure, and autobiographies . Amanda Fuller and Bill Bryson inspire me

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