Caffeine and Cajones

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The dawn breaks and the first pale light dulls a million stars.  The Fiery-Cheeked Nightjar’s  “Good Lord deliver us” call fades to give way to the melodious song of a Cape Robin-Chat. These opening bars cue-in the avian orchestral fanfare,

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Sailing Ships in the Sky

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The kite seller strolls slowly past us along the beach, the wind lifting his wares aloft in a fluttering chorus of colour, the most intricate and beautiful sailing boats with wings, hoisted on colourful stacked sails bobbing and pitching effortlessly

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Journey to Nowhere

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The first bicycle rolls into Nottingham Road about two hours after we left the greening fields of Michaelhouse. Total distance covered: 13km. Not a great pace, but the first day always seems to bring out the worst teething problems in

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Escaping the Spuds

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The evening of the Michaelhouse Matric Ball brought unusually warm, clear weather for Balgowan, where the mist inevitably descends after a hot summer day. Wanting to make an interesting entrance, without upstaging any of the matric boys and their partners

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