Overview for Authors

The Chapt3r1 (Chapter One) Platform for Authors is an integrated platform offering marketing, authoring and social media functionality that will help build and maintain a community focused around you as an author.

What we offer is a platform built around the following tenets:

  • Writing/authoring platform integrated with custom tailored social media
  • Marketing and services
  • Technical guidance
  • Authoring Process

We offer this on a graduated learning basis, made up of:

  • First Steps – for authors who are just getting started
  • Next Steps – for authors who want a bit more
  • Expert – for authors who are experienced with the use of our platform and want to take a more pro-active approach to their authoring experience

As an author, you can use our technology, marketing and social media platform in one of three ways:

  • Self-help setup, with pay-as-you-go advice as required
  • Paid for setup by Chapt3r1, with pay-as-you-go advice as required
  • Full service; setup by Chapt3r1 and ongoing advicew

At this point, the question you are likely asking yourself is:  Why should I choose this service?

There are a few reasons:

  • Technology setup is focused at aspiring writers – if you are an aspiring writer, then Chapt3r1 is for you
  • Integrated notification and engagement with social media
  • Easy for readers to use and engage with you as an author

How do you get started?

  1. Decide on which service model you want to start with – Self-help, Paid for setup or Full service
  2. Register and make your service model selection