Terms of Service

By registering for and using this website, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by the following list of terms and conditions.

Following is a list of terms that will be used in these Terms of Service. The words “You,” “your,” and “client” will refer to you, that is, the person who is going to use this website and who is accepting these Terms of Service. “We,” “us,” “the company,” and “ourselves” will designate our company. “Us,” “party,” and “parties” will indicate both you and us or either the company or the client. All of the terms set forth in this document represent the offer, acceptance, and consideration of any monetary exchange made to enlist our services to the Client in any appropriate way for the excess and sole purpose of satisfying your needs with respect given to our goods and services as stated, in accordance with and subject to prevailing American law. Any use of any of the language heretofore mentioned above in any varying form including, but not limited to, singular, plural, varied capitalization, or appropriate pronoun reference, will be interchangeable and thus mean and refer to the same.


Authors will also be referred to as “Contributors” or “Sellers.” As an Author, you will be able to do the following:

  • Register for an account with our site, at which time, you will be presented with a copy of these Terms of Service for review and acceptance.
  • Post original stories to which you hold ownership and copyright.
  • Publish your own original works online
  • Build a fanbase of Readers
  • Sell your writing services to Readers, Subscribers, and/or Buyers
  • Manager your online presence on our site utilizing a variety of social media tools and services

The above list of permissible actions on the site is all-inclusive for registered Buyers who have reviewed and accepted these Terms of Service. No other allowances will be made by the company with regard to our obligations to and permissions for you.


Readers will also be referred to as “Subscribers” or “Buyers.” As a Reader, you will be able to perform the following actions on our site:

    • Register for an account with our site, at which time, you will be presented with a copy of these Terms of Service for review and acceptance.
    • Search for, access, and read publicly posted stories by our sites Authors
    • Purchase writing services from our Contributors according to the payment arrangments set both by our site and by the seller.

The above list of permissible actions on the site is all-inclusive for registered Readers who have reviewed and accepted these Terms of Service. No other allowances will be made by the company with regard to our obligations to and permissions for you.


All payments for purchased services must be made through the use of a credit card, PayPal or a valid redeemed company gift card. Once your payment has been verified, your order will be posted and processing can proceed. As a Buyer, your identity remains anonymous throught the buying process. To make sure that your privacy is protect, avoid asking for or giving personal information such as personal emails, Skype/FaceTime/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other contact information.

Offering to pay a Seller using any method other the above mentioned ways will result in an automatic violation of the Terms of Service and actionable cancellation of your account with this company. Similarly, filing a dispute through PayPal or your credit card company could result in a ban on your account. Should you have a dispute with a buyer or a seller, please follow the rules as related in the Disputes section below. Should you need assistance, please be sure to contact customer support.

Cancellation Policy

The Company highly recommends that Sellers and Buyers work out disputes between themselves. However, if this proves impossible, please be sure to contact customer services and we will do our best to provide the necessary assistance.

Should a buyer or seller need the company to cancel an order on their behalf, the cancellation must take place within 10 days of order completion. Any cancellation requests received after that time period will not be honored.

Finally, the company will not refund any payment for cancelled orders back to PayPal or to your credit card. Monies generated from refunds will be held in the buyer’s account and applied to future purchases on the company’s site.

Staying Out of Trouble

Protecting our Buyers’ and Sellers’ privacy is our utmost concern. Therefore, all communication between buyers and sellers should remain anonymous. Asking for or giving any contact information such as personal emails, Skype/FaceTime/IM usernames, or telephone numbers is strictly prohibited. All buyer/seller communication must be executed exclusively through the company’s messaging services.

Finally, sending any illegal or inappropriate material including, but not exclusive to, adult, abusive, copyright protected, violent, rude or improper, or promotional material is not allowed and will result in a permanent block being placed on your account.

Work Delivery and Communications

All completed orders or proof of completed orders must be submitted through the company’s order delivery system. The buyer can respond to the work and/or post feedback on the seller’s performance for up to three days after the seller has delivered completed work. If the buyer fails to respond in the three day time limit, the order is marked as complete and closed.

You, the Client, are responsible for making sure that all files you download from our site are free from any malware or viruses. The company will not be held liable for any damages or loss of data resulting from the use of our site and the transference of content or files.


Our clients are encouraged to work together to find a mutual agreement in their dispute. However, if for any reason a buyer and seller cannot arrange a mutually agreeable solution, then they are encouraged to contact the company’s customer support. Also, any monies that are refunded a buyer due to a cancelled order will not be returned to his or her PayPal account. Rather, they will be held in our company account and available for the buyer for future purchases on this site.

Withdrawing Revenues

In order for a seller to withdraw funds, he or she must have a PayPal account. Your profile can be linked with only one PayPal account and each PayPal account can be linked to only one profile. Any revenues you earn will be made available to your after a 14-day clearance period. Please see PayPals Terms of Service for any fees that they might charge for withdrawal services. Once initiated, the withdrawal process is not able to be stopped. Therefore, we will not be able to halt, change, or reverse the process once it has begun.

General Terms

Any violation or breach of these Terms of Service will result in a permanent block on your account and a ban from using our website. If your account is blocked, subject to the company’s approval, you will be able to remove any funds that you had earned after a 45-to-90-day safety period, dependent on the cause of the ban, from the date that the last payment cleared the account.

The company affirms its right to place a hold or a permanent ban on any account due to a violation of these Terms of Service or due to malapropos use of the services or site. Owners of any account that has a hold or a ban will be unable to buy or sell on the company’s site.

Exclusions and Limitations

All information on our website is distributed exclusively on an “as is” basis. To the fullest extent of the law, we exclude all warranties and representations related to this site and its contents which might have been given from affiliates or other third party vendors, including in relation to any omissions or inaccuracies in our site or our literature. We also exclude all liabilities for any and all damages that might arise from any use of this site, including, but not limited to, loss of business or profits, damage to your computer hardware or software and any data contained thereon, direct loss, or any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages.


Any information regarding you and your respective records may be transferred to third parties; however your records are considered confidential and will not be given to any third parties with the exception of any entities who have a legal right to the information and who progress through the proper authorities. At any time, you are allowed to request and receive copies of any and all records that we have on file for you, as long as we are given sufficient notice for such a request.

Ownership and Limitations

Unless the seller clearly states in his or her service/product description, the work becomes the intellectual property of the buyer once it is delivered. Thus, the buyer has exclusive copyright over the work, and the seller releases any and all rights therein. Thus, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the seller has agreed to assign to the buyer copyright in any services that do not fall under the requirements of a work-for-hire under the U. S. Copyright Act. Furthermore, unless the seller has otherwise noted clearly and without confusion in his seller description, the seller has agreed to transfer the service or product to the buyer with all of its title, interest, and rights, if any. The afore mentioned transfer is dependent on full payment for the seller’s service.

Sellers also agree that any intellectual property transferred from buyer to seller shall be used for the sole purpose of completing the buyer’s request.

Additionally, all clients hereby affirm that any and all content created for or uploaded to the company website can be used by the company for any purpose including marketing unless the client has explicitly indicated otherwise.

Finally, all clients should keep in mind that the company’s website content is centered around User Generated Content (UGC), and since the company does not analyze any content uploaded by a client for copyright infringement or other rights, you are encouraged to report any possible violations along with proof of ownership. When sufficient proof has been presented, the content will be removed. Also, the company accepts no responsibility for any content or the quality of service given by any registered sellers. The company offers to warranty or guarantee with respect to seller’s services or delivery of those services. And finally, when a seller offers a service, he or she is implying that he/she has sufficient rights, permissions, and licenses to deliver that service on our site.

Notification of Changes

We, the company, reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Service at any time as we see fit. Your continued use of our website is your acknowledgement that you agree to any changes made to the Terms of Service.