Author Setup to use Auto Socialize via Email process

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To setup an author so that they can execute the Email Initiated Post and Publicize process, you must complete the following steps:

1. Create a user mailbox from which all post requests will be sent. The assumption here is that a receiving mailbox for Postie has been activated and is working.

2. Setup an email client from which all emails for the user will be sent. This could be outlook based or iphone or ipad mail based or gmail based.

3. Create a user in Chapt3r1 with all appropriate details. Note that the email address for this user should be the same as the one referenced to previously as the user mailbox.

4. Logon to chapt3r1 as this user and then link to Jetpack / publicize using this users account. (Settings->sharing> If the user does not have a account, then select the option to create one at time of account linking. IMPORTANT…if you do not do this, then you will not be able to publicize via social media.

5. To link social media accounts, for each social platform you want to link to you must ensure you are logged onto the correct account first then you can link to that platform via settings->sharing
a. Facebook – you can choose which page your posts for the corresponding user will goto
b. Twitter – you can choose which twitter account you will publicize

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