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I recently installed Postie to my blogs.


My requirement was to simplify the process of posting a blog entry.

Instal process was simple. This is good.

Basic Product is free. This is good.

Product is extensible: This is good. (Add-ons must be paid for).

Does it do what I want: YES

Does it do exactly what I want: No

Does that matter: No

How am I using Postie? See Overview of Auto Socialize via Email process

My observations after setting Postie up:

  1. I have sent many emails (to my Postie listener email) to learn about Postie behavior.
  2. I like the way Postie can be made to work”by blog user”.
  3. I decided to stick with text based emails for the time being, primarily due to my users not being technically focused. (HTML has no meaning to them).
  4. I am “out the gate” with what I consider to be basic functionality; what I know is that Postie gives me some very deep expansion capabilities when the time arises.
  5. I learned a lot about my email client – go figure. This specifically refers to iPad and iPhone email client, whose outbound format is more difficult to control.
  6. I learned more detail about my mail host. I chose not to use gmail for this, primarily because I have an existing mail service as part of my housing package.
  7. Underlying approach is easy to understand and use.
  8. Product can be extended by buying add-ons.
  9. Product can be extended by adding to WordPress/Postie integration functionality is good. (Programming skills required).

Thank you Wayne Allen for postie

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