ScrapeAZon Review (A WordPress Plugin)

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{CAPTION}In March 2017 I installed ScrapeAZon to my blogs.

My requirement was to display Amazon Kindle reviews for Jane Paterson’s book, Gatekeepers of the Grapevine, on her author site at

This review takes into consideration that I am a novice ScrapeAZon user, and I am a moderately experienced WordPress configurator.

Instal process was simple. This is good.

Basic Product is free. This is good. (Thank you)

Product is extensible: No; there are no add-ons.

Product is configurable: Limited.

Does it do what I want: YES.

Does it do exactly what I want: YES.

How am I using ScrapeAZon? See

My observations after setting ScrapeAZon up:

  1. Worked first time after I followed all the instructions. The way I see it, this is a BIG deal.
  2. Instructions for setup are excellent, especially given the complexity of requirements for accessing Amazon
    1. You require an Affiliate key. This I have, so no issue.
    2. You require a Product Developer API key. This I did not have, but the explicit instructions provided by ScrapeAZon for obtaining this are excellent, especially when faced with the complexities of access management in the AWS world.
  3. I use the Responsive Theme:
    1. I added the provided code to a Widget – no issue. Displayed as I expected on my main menu.
    2. I added the provided code to a page that I have which describes all my books details, including reviews. Displayed as I expected.
  4. I learned a lot about Amazon reviews (again). The order shown is different to how Amazon shows reviews. But, no problem.
  5. I learned a bit about Amazon’s approach to security, but ScrapeAZon configuration does NOT require knowing this. Bypass IAM as per scrapeazon instructions.
  6. To display reviews, I used the ASIN of the relevant book. Worked as expected.

Thank you James Hanback, Jr for ScrapeAZon.

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