Execute Auto Socialize via Email process

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To initiate publishing of a post from your blog, there are a few prerequisites, namely:
1. You must have registered as a blog user, with an email address that you will use for autoposting
2. You must have an email client from where you will send your emails, using the same email address as you have registered for your blog user
3. You need to know the email you are sending your posts to
4. If your posts are moderated, you should know who your moderator is

Once your setup is complete, for each blog post you are going to submit you should follow these steps:
Assumption here is that you are using the Mail app on your iPad or iphone
1. Open your email client and start a new email where the body is your post wording.
2. Set the subject to the post title you would like
3. Decide which pictures will be included
4. Decide on the layout you would like to achieFe

This will then initiate the auto post process, as depicted by the following pictorial flow…

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