Overview of Auto Socialize via Email process

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I wanted to create a simple process for an aspiring author to write and post an article which, when executed, would automically create a blog post and subsequently autopost to the authors various social networks.

To do this, I built an integrated process by utilising the wordpress platform and various plugin components.

The major component pieces to this are:

  1. wordpress as a platform with two plugins installed
    a. Publicize from Jetpack
    b. Postie
  2. An email client from which the blog post is sent. This signal the author path.
  3. An email mailbox that acts as the receiver and source of post requests
  4. An author with logins and appropriate access across:
    a. The blog
    b. WordPress.com as a bridge
    c. Email client
    d. Appropriate social media eg FB, Twitter etc

To operate this process, each time an author wants to create a blog post, all they have to do is write an email and send it to the corresponding auto post mailbox, after which the posting and publicizing will automatically take place.


More info can be found at

Author Setup to use Auto Socialize via Email process

Execute Auto Socialize via Email process

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