Personal Info

I currently live in the north eastern USA, am married, and have 2 children.


I always have 2 or 3 books on my night-stand and have to read before going to sleep. I love jet skiing and hope one day to live somewhere that I can indulge this passion frequently. I am an avid gardener and (as above) would prefer to live somewhere without such huge ranges in temperature where I could garden all year round. I enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel fairly extensively. I work-out regularly and am into healthy foods and life-style. Architecture and interior decorating are a big interest, usually indulged through print and online media. I am well versed in the arcane issues pursuant to etiquette.

Personal call-outs

I lived the first part of my life in Southern Africa. I have also lived, for a short period of time, in England. By the time I was 16yr I had crossed the equator 8 times, visited 3 continents as well as a few African countries and Indian Ocean islands. Since living in the USA, I have been to 13 states as well as various places in Mexico, the Bahamas and the West Indies. I like dressing up and eating out. I think civility & kindness are under-rated as qualities to success.

Writing background (aka Author related info!)

I started writing creatively when I was about 11 but never really did anything with it and never thought of it as a vocation. I studied under J. M. Coetzee at the University of Cape Town. Various professional positions I have held required writing in some form or another: articles, press releases, competition rules, web site content and so on. My style is non-fiction. My aim is to keep writing every day and my goal is to finish my book!

My Likes

My favorite books are those set in foreign countries (time period is not important) particularly those set in southern Africa anytime between the early 1960’s and the late 1990’s and places that were once British colonies.

I admire the writing of J.M.Coetzee, Andre Brink, Rian Malan.


Jane is an aspiring writer. She is looking to expand her writing abilities and build and audience of interested readers.