Hello World by Jane

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As an aspiring novelist, I am delighted to join the Chapt3r1 family. My deep love of reading has led me to the joys (and trials) of writing fiction. The various wonderful writing groups to which I belong, have encouraged me to keep on writing, even when I feel ready to pack away the laptop. My work on Chapt3r1 will feature short pieces written from prompts.






The objective of this post is to introduce myself; and to ensure that all web functionality including all social media linkages are setup correctly.

  • My Chapt3r1 author name is Jane.
  • My facebook Chapt3r1 fan page is Chapt3r1ByJane
  • My twitter name is @Chapt3r1Jane

Jane is an aspiring writer. She is looking to expand her writing abilities and build and audience of interested readers.

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