HowTo Write An Author Bio

When completing an Author Bio, the objective is to think of areas of focus that would interest your readers. You need to ensure that you produce enough material to interest readers in both you as well as your writing style. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. What do you think they would like to know about you? How would you like to brand yourself? What are your differentiators?

The categories given below are suggestions. You do not need to provide any info if you do not want to. You should use this as a checklist to help you think through and write-up a comprehensive, personalized, informative bio.

Personal Info: You should provide “just-enough” personal information. This could include personal name or pen-name, gender, what country, state, locale you are from. Obviously “just-enough” is a relative term; use your discretion.

Hobbies, special interests or sports: The intent is for you to provide “hooks” that will interest readers in you. Writing about hobbies or special interests or sports you are interested in, or participate in, is a way of demonstrating to others what it is you likeand will provide a way of drawing readers into you at a more personal level.

Personal callouts: Is there anything that you would like readers to know about you personally. Maybe you are the organizer of your local book club, or you met someone interesting / memorable once upon a time, or you travelled to an interesting/exciting destination. Is there any author or book that influenced you in a particular way? Is there any language specific, country specific or cultural info you would like to share with your readers? What are your likes and dislikes?

Education and Professional credentials: Would you like to include your educational background or qualifications. Feel free to include any awards, certificates or nominations you have received. If you are writing technical or non-fiction pieces, it helps to show you have the appropriate background.

Work history: Based on your writing style and topics, include parts or all of your work history if you think it will assist readers in getting a more complete picture of you. Remember that LinkedIn is a better place to record more detailed professional info. If you think it is appropriate, include a synopsis here.

Author related info: How long have you been writing, what is your writing style/genre, what got you started writing in the first place, what are your writing goals, what do you like writing about.

Have you been published? If so where can I view/buy your published work?

Do you have any personal “lists” that you would like to share?
• Top 3 favorite books
• Current Reads
• Authors I like
• Books I have read
• My Amazon tags

Do you have any sample “writing” you would like to share?
• Press releases
• Marketing communications
• Website content
• Critical Reviews
• Amazon book reviews
• Critiques
• Speeches

What about photos or videos – is there anything you would like to include that embellishes your bio.

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